Blast Resistant Windows

Blast resistant windows by WINDOW GARD are protecting lives worldwide against terrorist attacks or accidental explosions.

Our blast mitigating solutions of explosion resistant windows protects the best. Based on patented Energy Absorbing Technology, it enables all components of aluminium blast resistant windows to absorb the energy released from the explosion.

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Blast Resistant Doors

Blast resistant doors manufactured and supplied by WINDOW GARD are the best in the industry.

Designed and Engineered for a full range of combined protection levels, aesthetics and ease of use. Our aluminium or steel framed armoured blast doors are protecting occupants in a wide range of public and government buildings, such as airports, banks, embassies, petrochemical and army facilities.

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Blast Resistant Facades

At WINDOW GARD we Design, Engineer and Manufacture blast resistant aluminium and aluminium-steel armoured security facades that satisfy creative architectural requirements while protecting the occupants at the highest possible industry standards and beyond.

With combined protection against Blast, Ballistics and Forced Entry, we are proud to deliver unique products that outperform any profile system supplier. Where some stop at blast testing with 500kg TNT, we go beyond and successfully test with 1000kg TNT.

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WG Cable Catch Systems + Blast Safety Films

Standard glazing that is subject to violent explosive forces such as terrorist attacks and industrial explosions, will result in lethal flying glass fragments entering a room.

When glass is solely treated with Blast Safety Window Film and the blast pressure exceeds the tensile & break strength of the film, the majority of the glass shards will likely remain attached or adhered to the film as 1 sheet. Such flying glass sheets cause large numbers of serious injuries. - see video -

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Blast Safety Films + Mechanical Anchoring

"The most significant damage in approximately 75 percent of all bombings is the failure of architectural glass" - Ron Massa, Buildings

“... After building collapse, the most significant threat to people and property in bombings arises from the failure of conventional glass.” - Building Works

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